Price in Pakistan: 29,990 rs.

The good: Sturdily built and appealing to the eyes, AT&T's Samsung DoubleTime has a refreshing design with two screens, a comfortable QWERTY keyboard, and a flip-open design. Call quality was good.

The bad: The DoubleTime's biggest problem is that it runs Android 2.2 Froyo instead of the more current Gingerbread. Its more petite touch screen and pink accent colors won't appeal to everyone, and the camera quality is middling. You can only access the microSD by removing the battery.

The bottom line: Those of you looking for a more unique, eye-catching design will appreciate the Samsung DoubleTime's petite hinging face with two screens and comfortable keyboard. However, the lower-end specs and outdated Android OS do the phone no favors.

Courtesy of CNET.

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